Our Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Revelation Message, Inc.

Revelation Message, Inc. serves as a lighthouse to ministers, ministries, and churches; helping them to reach safe harbor with their valuable cargo - souls.

Revelation Message, Inc. is an organization of churches, ministries and pastors. Our primary function is to educate, equip and prepare the saints for the work of the ministry. This is done primarily through Revelation Message Christian Institute, Revelation Message Bible College, and Jacksonville Theological Seminary in coordination with the facilitators around the US and in International countries. As a non-profit organization with ordaining authority, we believe and support Pastors and leadership. We provide accountability and accessibility as part of our organization. We believe there is still much to do for the Kingdom of God!

Revelation Message Inc. provides a covering for the ordained Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that are graduates of Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Ministerial credentials are earned through ordination for those who have satisfactorily met the requirements set forth by Revelation Message Inc.

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